Human Resource Services

Leadership Coaching

We teach your leadership how to implement company strategies, reduce internal conflict, impact productivity, and train people to perform better while limiting liability and managing effectively. 

Investigation of Claims


Professional, third party HR investigations and documentation of claims can neutralize accusations of bias and facilitate an atmosphere conducive to honest communications.

HR Policies & Procedures

We bring the skills and experience to strategically prevent problems and put the proper HR guidelines into place for all Human Resource related actions. 

HR Compliance Audit

We uncover and resolve liabilities before they become an issue, analyzing your documents and practices in an effort to   expose weaknesses and minimize the risk of expensive mistakes. 

Targeted Recruiting


We recruit and screen for the right match and send you a handful of candidates that fit your needs well, instead of a stack of resumes that meet only the skills requirements.

Employee Handbook


Don’t just put the rules in writing. A customized handbook can help your company excel, accurately reflect your culture, and what’s expected of your employees.

Performance Management

We deliver performance management that is measurable, understandable and achievable.  Our practices will allow you to create an appraisal process that provides value to your organization.  

Customized Training


We provide clients with the key HR skills they need to effectively manage challenging workplace situations, giving you more time to focus on your business.  The trainings will be created and delivered by HR subject matter experts.  

Job Descriptions

Updating and formalizing your job descriptions will allow your employees to know what is expected of them and ensure they are properly classified and compensated.  We will handle this process entirely and keep you compliant.  

Employee Relations


Your company's culture is one of it's most valuable assets.  We help handle all employee conflict to ensure you’re building a positive work culture and limiting your liability.

Workforce Planning

Many employees expect the opportunity to grow their career with you.  We will help you put the right employees in the right roles, putting their best skills to work for your business.

Effective Hiring

Don't allow open positions to derail your organization.  Let us help you select the best candidate in less time to keep your business on track.